Friday, August 13, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

watch this...

what we are going to be a part of.  WILL YOU JOIN US?

777 Project from SOS International on Vimeo.

30 years from now

i've been chewing on these statistics i read this past week on the sower of seeds website.

$4800 provides 1 well of water for an entire village community
$777.00 provides water for 100 people
$388 provides water for 50 people
$194 provides water for 25 people

And for only $7.77 you can save one life by providing clean water for 30 years!

the big one that hit me was the last stat - $7.77 can provide clean water for ONE PERSON for 30 YEARS!  

that truly baffles me.  i literally waste $8 a week - easy.  

what if i gave $8 a month for this cause?  in 3 years i could have helped 36 people have clean water for 30 years.  unreal!

and let's get crazy!  what if i gave $8 a week for the next 3 years?  the number would jump to 1,248 people!  that's like saving a small west texas town!  in three years you could help over 1000 people.

i'll let you chew on these stats as well for the next few days.  

come to the event with $7.77 to donate when you get in the door.  make the commitment now to help someone have clean water for the next 30 years.

this is the first blog post of many to come leading up to the WATER for WATER project event on August 21.